Our Work

Discover and engage in the meaningful work we are doing in your community

We’re on a mission to make aging a positive experience for everyone. That’s why we’re committed to enhancing the lives of older adults and caregivers in the Northland through our key priority areas: education, outreach, advocacy, resources, collaboration, and innovation.

Whether we’re working with mission-aligned partners to provide valuable resources, developing innovative solutions, or implementing programs that promote capacity and strengthen support for older adults and caregivers – we’re dedicated to making a meaningful difference in your community.

Illustration of key priorities of Duluth Aging Support


From virtual and in-person educational summits to eLearning tools, podcasts, e-newsletters, blogs, and social media, we leverage educational opportunities and our technology-based infrastructure to better serve older adults and caregivers in the Northland – including through our Northland Diversity in Aging Series.


We are committed to reaching culturally and racially diverse older adults and caregivers in low-income neighborhoods and underserved rural areas in our community. Whether it’s supplying valuable resources, providing various support tools, or leading holistic resilience programs, community outreach is at the heart of our work.


Advocating for all older adults and caregivers to access the resources and support they need to achieve optimum health and wellness in our community is part of everything we do. That’s why we take the time to understand how the aging and caregiver experience and needs can vary from different perspectives.


We offer a broad range of accessible resource tools for older adults and caregivers living in the Northland region, including our blog, caregiver podcast, and online resource directory. We feature valuable information about aging services, dementia-related disorders, COVID-19 resources, caregiver support, social connections, volunteer opportunities, and other initiatives.


Our impact multiplies when we build strategic partnerships with other mission-aligned nonprofits. By connecting with these organizations, we further foster the development of aging service and caregiver programs and initiatives – including awareness, resources, outreach, advocacy, and education for your community.


We assess the unique service needs of the Northland and develop innovative solutions that address these community needs. Then we use our knowledge of current and emerging service models, technology platforms, and online tools to develop unique solutions that bring innovative models and strategies to the Northland.