How to Use Zoom to Stay Connected

Female on a video conference call with seniors

If you haven’t already been invited to join a virtual Zoom meeting, there’s a good chance you might be in the near future. After all, a growing number of groups all over the world are embracing Zoom as a way to communicate and stay connected, including but not limited to: companies, schools, volunteer groups, religious organizations, and of course, friends and family. And we’re excited to help you do the same by providing helpful tips on using Zoom to help you stay more connected. 

So what is Zoom anyway?

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service used by groups and individuals to virtually meet with others, either by video, audio, or both, all while conducting live chats. But in layman’s terms, it’s a service that allows you to virtually see, talk, and connect with anyone across the world in minutes. 

Pretty neat, right? 

In fact, Zoom has become so popular as a way to stay connected recently that the word “zoom” is quickly becoming used as a verb that’s synonymous with “connect”. In other words, if someone asks you, “Do you want to Zoom later this evening?” what they mean is, “Do you want to connect over Zoom later this evening?”

How do I download Zoom? 

Before you can download Zoom, you need to make sure you’re connected to the Internet. Once you’re connected to the Internet, there are multiple ways to download Zoom (the free version should be all you need) depending on the device you’re using. For example, the steps to download Zoom will vary slightly if you’re using a computer versus an iPhone or iPad. Follow the steps below to download Zoom based on the device you’re using:

iPhone or iPad: 

  1. Search for “Zoom Cloud Meetings” in the App Store.
  2. Click “Get” to download and install the app on your device (it will be the fist option on the list).

Android phone or tablet:

  1. Search for “Zoom Cloud Meetings” in the Google Play App Store.
  2. Click “Install” to download and install the app on your device. 


  1. Go to the Zoom website and click the blue “Download” button to begin the downloading process. 
  2. After clicking the download button, your computer will prompt you on what to do next with step-by-step instructions.

I’ve downloaded Zoom, but how do I join a meeting?

After downloading Zoom, there are a couple of different ways to participate in or “join” a Zoom meeting. Whether you choose to join using the email link that was sent to you, the Zoom website/app or a phone to dial in is completely up to you. Just follow the steps based on your preferred method of joining below. 

Join a meeting using an email invitation link: 

  1. Open your Zoom meeting email invitation and click the “Join Zoom Meeting” link to join. 
  2. Choose if you want to join the meeting with or without video.
  3. Choose if you want to join the meeting with audio (this will allow you to hear others as well as for others to hear you).

Join a meeting using the Zoom website or app on your phone:

  1. Go to // on your computer or open the Zoom app if you’re on your phone.
  2. Login with your username and password. 
  3. Click or tap on “Join a Meeting”.
  4. Enter the “Zoom Meeting ID number” that was sent to you in the email invitation.
  5. Fill in the name you want to appear during the meeting.
  6. Choose if you want to join the meeting with or without video.
  7. Choose if you want to join the meeting with audio (this will allow you to hear others as well as for others to hear you).

Join a meeting using your phone:

  1. Using your phone, dial in the number provided in the Zoom meeting email invitation you received. 
  2. If you prefer to see the individuals in your meeting, as well as for them to see you, join the meeting using the email invitation link, Zoom website or app instead. 

How do I create a meeting?

  1. After logging in to Zoom on your phone or computer, click or tap on “Schedule”
  2. You will then choose the start time of the meeting.
  3. Send the invitation to whoever you would like to invite.*

*Keep in mind that there is a 40 minute limit on group meetings with the free plan.

How do I end a Zoom meeting?

If the meeting is over or you have to go, just click the “Leave Meeting” button on the bottom right corner. A meeting can also be ended by the individual that’s hosting the meeting once they end it on their end. 

How do I make the most of my Zoom meeting experience? 

Unless you’re joining by phone, you should be able to see and hear everyone that’s participating as soon as you’re in the meeting. All of the participants that choose to be on camera will have their name and face shown in a little box. A green box will also appear around any of the participants when they are speaking. 

If you notice others can’t seem to see or hear you during the meeting, check to see if there is a red line through your video or microphone icon. If there is a red line, click or tap the video or microphone icon so others can see and/or hear you.

In addition to video and audio capabilities, Zoom has a live chat feature. This allows you and other participants in the meeting to send messages to each other, including private messages to a selected individual or to everyone in the group.

To send a message, click the chat button that looks like a speech bubble at the bottom of the screen near the middle of the bar (the top of the chat screen will show you who you’re sending the message to). If you receive a message, you will see the chat button light up with the number of messages you have. In order to see the messages you have, simply click into the chat feature. 

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to send us a message to And as always, don’t forget to share this blog post with anyone that would benefit from learning how to use Zoom to stay more connected too.