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Community Conversations

Local Programs and Organizations

Hear directly from the people behind local programs and organizations that serve and support older adults and caregivers.

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Learn from the Experts

Check out our interviews with experts on caregiving and other topics that affect older adults and caregivers, like communication strategies, ageism, dementia, and transportation.

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Caregiver Journeys

While many caregiver experiences can have a lot in common, no two are the same. And that’s worth sharing and hearing about so other caregivers know they are not alone.

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Diversity in Aging

Diversity in Aging is a joint project of the College of St Scholastica’s Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and Duluth Aging Support to foster conversations that promote learning across generations and cultures about the aging experience.

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Gerontology and Older Adult Care Education

If you’re interested in learning about education opportunities in the field of gerontology and other areas that serve the older adult population, you’ll want to check out our interviews with local educational institutions.

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