It Starts With YOU.

Get Vaccinated: For the first time, you can get vaccines for all three major fall and winter respiratory viruses – COVID-19, flu, and RSV. Visit for more information.

Get Tested: Widely available at-home antigen tests can help you detect a COVID-19 infection and prevent you from unknowingly spreading the virus to your loved ones. Order yours at

Upcoming Vaccine Clinics

Vaccines are a safe and effective
way to protect your health against respiratory viruses. Although vaccines may not always prevent illness, symptoms from COVID-19 and flu
are usually milder for those who
have been vaccinated if they
do get sick. Keep an eye on this section for updates for local vaccine clinics or visit to find more near you. Click on any flyer to see an enlarged version.

You might think “I already did this…” but vaccines have been updated this year! Prevent the spread of #flu, #COVID, and #RSV by getting vaccinated.