Lutheran Social Service

Lutheran Social Service is the largest and oldest human service nonprofit in the state of Minnesota. They work to connect individuals to community, health, safety, housing and prosperity with personalized support. They offer many services that help older adults.

Companion Services Provide

  • Customized support
  • Transportation to doctor appointments, grocery store, etc.
  • Friendship for older adults who want to live at home, stay healthy, and remain as independent as possible.
  • Companion services are currently being offered virtually via phone and video chat as well as in person
  • Contact: Michelle Miller (218) 529-2280,

Foster Grandparent

  • Volunteers traditionally provide one-on-one mentoring a few hours a week to at-risk youth to help them boost their self-esteem and overall success.
  • In this role, you can positively impact the lives of children and youth, find a meaningful way to give back, and earn extra income.
  • In this new COVID-19 environment, Foster Grandparents are finding ways to support teachers and students remotely.
  • Contact: Michelle Miller (218) 529-2280,

Managing Finances Services

They offer a wide range of services to support older adult’s financial wellness.

  • Financial counseling services
  • Energy assistance program
  • Fiscal management services
  • Identity theft and fraud prevention
  • Reverse mortgage counseling

Caregiver Support and Respite

For family caregivers their well-being is as important as the care they are providing. Sometimes support is necessary.

  • Caregiver coaching and counseling
  • Caregiver support groups
  • Classes and workshops
  • Emergency care planning
  • Locations

Volunteer Opportunity

  • At LSS, there are many meaningful ways to share your time. The volunteer opportunities vary throughout the state, and you can search for opportunities by area, service, time commitment and more
  • Individual volunteer: You can build one-on-one relationships with older adults, children and people with disabilities. They offer ongoing and one-time volunteering opportunities
  • Group volunteer opportunities: These vary throughout the state depending on the needs and the LSS services that are available in your community
  • Search for volunteer opportunities