Caregiver Support and Consultation

Caregiver consulting involves a partnership with caregivers to help define and attain goals, find solutions to caregiving challenges, validate the CG’s role, empower, provide emotional support, guide, educate re: disease processes, help mobilize their abilities, and steer CG’s toward their best resources. Desired outcomes of this partnership are: CG’s will have increased skills and confidence, take time for personal self-care, access and use supportive services, draw from their support network, and have a greater capacity to provide care longer with reduced feelings of burden and increased resiliency.

  • Services are provided by a Licensed Social Worker/Caregiver Consultant to caregivers in Carlton County and Duluth. This program supports caregivers (especially those caring for a family member with Alzheimer’s or another dementia or brain disease) and helps them maintain their quality of life and have positive outlooks while providing care.
  • Care planning, guidance, resources, and helpful information are provided and each caregiver receives a monthly support call and is able to contact the consultant as needed. This is a ‘follow-along’ program, so support is offered month to month, and longer if needed. There are no hourly fees, however, a cost-share letter for a donation is sent out yearly. Caregiver Consultation services are funded with a combination of federal and state funds, plus cost-share payments from service recipients.