WellQor is the leading provider of mental health services for mature adults. They offer personalized services for individuals with their team of licensed clinical psychologists, social workers and life coaches. These professionals have extensive training in the unique issues presented by “life’s transitions.” 

Mature Adults

  • Offers telehealth support to mature adults nationwide
  • Schedule a consultation online or call (516) 604-3556
  • Services are covered by Medicare ( out of pocket cost may apply)

Caregivers and Families

  • If your worried about a loved one or family member a psychologist or social worker can help you and them.
  • Schedule a consultation online or call (415) 326-1687
  • Services are covered by Medicare ( out of pocket cost may apply)

Grief Counseling

  • This counseling can help you get through a difficult time
  • Schedule a consultation online

Peace of Mind Program

  • This program has a professionals check in on your loved one on a regular basis and create a report for you that rates how they are doing
  • The professional evaluates them for key indicators of overall well-being, provides the companionship your senior needs, and engage your loved one in conversation and mental stimulation
  • This provides a objective view on how your loved one is doing
  • Monitor Subscription: includes a “check-in” call four times a year to evaluate your loved one’s emotional and mental state, each call generating an objective report
  • Guardian Subscription: offers everything the Monitor level includes, plus three significant additions: One, longer calls, meaning more time to get to know your loved one. Two, the evaluation includes an industry-standard, objective measure of cognitive function. Three, we add bi-annual sessions with a WellQor clinical professional to review your loved one’s reports and discuss recommendations and anything else that might need attention
  • Protect Subscription: level is our most comprehensive plan, increasing the frequency of the check-in calls to every other month and the review sessions every three months
  • See website for pricing: Click Here