Mentor North

Mentor North was established in 2019 as a one-on-one, community based mentoring organization. Mentor North offers mentoring programs aimed at enhance the lives of individuals and creating an inclusive mentorship community. They welcome youth and mentors from a variety of identities and backgrounds. The programs they offer include, Mentor Duluth, Mentor Superior, Five Points, and Mutual Mentoring.

To view a Community Conversation video with Erin Moldowski Mentor North Executive Director: Link Here

Mentor Duluth

  • Mentoring relationships for youth ages 5-17 in the Duluth area

Mentor Superior

  • Mentoring relationships for youth ages 5-17 in the Superior area

Five Points

  • Matches meet once a week to provide support, encouragement, and assistance with academics, and overall socioemotional development.

Mutual Mentoring

  • An intergenerational mentoring program connecting younger and older adults together for a quality, enriching relationship based on trust, respect, and curiosity. We believe that connecting generations together creates ongoing, mutually beneficial outcomes that advance the health and wellbeing of the match and the community.

See Mentor North Website For

  • detailed program information, including benefits, expectations, requirements for mentors, and applications for youth and mentors.