Guided Relaxation for Stress Management and Wellness

Relaxation & Life Coach Beth Freschi hosts a weekly guided relaxation training session on Zoom. You are welcome to attend regularly or occasionally, whenever you could use a break from the hurry-scurry of life. The cost is $8 per session.

Beth guides the group through effective relaxation techniques to calm the mind and body:

Breathing – a series of breathing exercises designed to calm the mind and body.

Muscle Relaxation – a series of muscle relaxation techniques/images designed to completely relax the body.

Guided Imagery – a narrative that engages the imagination and senses to guide the mind toward a relaxed, positive state.

Loving Kindness Meditation – a universal meditation intended to promote connectedness of mind, body, and community.

Since participants’ cameras and microphones will be turned off to reduce distractions, feel free to choose your most comfortable chair, recliner, or couch so you can sit back, close your eyes, and fully enjoy this time to relax and recharge.

To learn more about these relaxing sessions and to book online, please visit the website. Once you register, the Zoom link will be sent automatically to your email address. //