Age Well Arrowhead

Age Well Arrowhead is a place that can meet almost all of your aging needs. They offer transportation services, home care, and food services. They also provide assistance for caregivers, and provide information and resources for dementia and reducing isolation.

To learn more about Age Well Arrowhead, check out our Community Conversation with Mary Bovee, Age Well Arrowhead Executive Director: View Video

Caregiver Support Services

  • Counseling to help caregivers
  • Aid in developing plan of care for loved one
  • Help caregiver understand the needs of loved one
  • Areas of focus are education of the caregiver, reducing stress, and problem-solving
  • Resources for Enhancing Alzheimer’s Caregiver Health (REACH) – program for someone who provides long-term care for someone with dementia

Dementia Information

  • Offer dementia training for employers and their employees
  • Memory CafĂ© – safe place for individuals to socialize and interact with others with memory loss


  • Groceries to go – orders placed on Tuesdays 9am-12pm
  • Wednesday or Thursday volunteer shops and delivers to you
  • Volunteers can also help with unpacking, opening jars and putting away heavy items
  • List provided to the shopper must include store brand, brand name, quantity/or count, plastic or carton, and alternates
  • Alcohol and tobacco products are excluded from delivery
  • Other restrictions may apply depending on the product/size
  • Cost includes a service charge as well as price of products


  • Chore services
  • Basic home maintenance (ex: changing lightbulb)
  • Yard and seasonal outdoor work
  • Heavy and light housekeeping and work (ex: washing windows, dusting)
  • Meal preparation
  • Daily basic tasks

Reducing Isolation Services

  • Companionship Mental health Companion
  • Companion service – share a walk, hobby, game or conversation

Service Area

  • Duluth
  • Hermantown
  • Proctor

Transportation – Senior Wheels – Errands

  • This is a volunteer-supported program that provides rides
  • Senior Wheels – medical transportation
  • Medical transportation
  • Errands – rides for non-medical needs
  • Non-medical transportation
  • To schedule a ride call as far in advance as possible
  • Age Well Arrowhead representative will identify a driver, then provide you with confirmation, name, and number
  • Standing appointments are not available
  • Driver training – ongoing through their insurance company
  • Type of transport – personally owned vehicles any make or model